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World Health Day 2011

Happy World Health Day, April 7, 2011!

Each year on the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization, we celebrate World Health Day.

This year the WHO is using the observance of World Health Day to promote the understanding of a serious issue and to work together to combat it.  The issue is the spread of anitmicrobial resistance.  The World Health Organization’s website has a great deal of information including a WHO Six-Point Policy Package.

Combat Drug Resistance - Hesperian Foundation

Hesperian Resources for Drug Resistance

We also this this is a perfect opportunity to invite people to utilize and support the outstanding resources of the Hesperian Foundation.  Our great friends at Hesperian have resources in many different languages focused on community health and primary care.  They even have great resources to address antimicrobial resistance at the community health worker level that you can access by clicking on the image above.

Visit their website and find a wealth of information and resources for the venerable classic Where There Is No Doctor, to the most recent information on Disaster Response for Japan.